So you’ve successfully become a chiropractor and are looking forward to years and years of commitment to your clients and their physical well-being— congrats! That’s wonderful. 

With this being said, your journey in becoming a chiropractor is never over. It’s important for you to continue expanding and nurturing your skillset in order to best serve your new and loyal patients.

Chiropractic Mentor offers you a plethora of educational videos and materials in order to continue on this path of excellence— all of which you can do from the comfort of your very own home.

You can save thousands of dollars by investing in our virtual classes, as opposed to traveling to chiropractic seminars that can break the bank. 

Our monthly subscription package is just the thing for those who are continuously seeking knowledge in the chiropractic field. Additionally, our bi-monthly emails will increase your medically necessary visits that insurance companies will accept. 

Some of the things we cover include:

  • Motion palpation, specifically cervical joint adjustments around all three orthogonal axes
  • Motion palpation, specifically Thoracic region joint adjustments including the Costo-Tranverse joints
  • Introduction to extremity joints as part of the closed, locomotor, kinematic chain of joints
  • Lower and upper extremity palpation and mobilizing the loss of accessory joint play motion

Dr. Faye, the father of MPI and Chiropractic Mentor, has also published Chiropractic Odysseya Journey of Practice, Seminars, Observation, and Reading Science. It is a goldmine of clinical applications of manipulation, soft tissue, anti-inflammation, and rehabilitation. When, where, why, how, and how often? These are all answered along with how to make patients feel that it is the right thing for them to do. Both paper and e-book versions are available.