Dear doctors and chiropractic students,

There is a concept being promoted today, collectively called marketing. Social media can stimulate patients to make an appointment but the services you are capable of providing, will maintain their compliance with your treatment plan. 

Millions of satisfied chiropractic patients are used to being adjusted and many chiropractors today are not professionally skilled in the art of manipulation. 

I would like you to print the 56 pages from the file attached below and highlight the manipulations that you can personally deliver expertly. This self-assessment exercise will tell you if you and your patients could benefit from Dr. Fayes’ video demonstrations at

These videos are very reasonably priced because it takes time to master so many psychomotor skills. Learning these skills is a postgraduate project, as no one graduates with all of these skills. 

Dr. Faye also published Chiropractic Odyssey that discusses in detail with significant references, the clinical application of manipulation in a chiropractic practice. For modern readers, it is also an eBook at and amazon worldwide i.e., etc.

Become a lifetime learner with Dr. Faye gaining his 60 years of experience of practicing, conducting seminars, observing and reading science. You and your patients will enjoy a whole different experience.