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Dr. Faye has delivered over 400 seminars, worldwide and everywhere he goes doctors and past students credit him for improving their practice and professional, life success.

Dr. Faye has been responsible for showing practitioners how increased skills leads to a professional income

Chiropracticmentor.com has been on a mission to provide doctors and students the method for applying the principles, of how we learn so many skills. We provide Clinically-Effective and very Time-Efficient techniques, that allow you to become a master of manipulative skills, for the Spine, Pelvis and Extremity Joints.

Our Vision is that everyone who utilizes our mentoring, streaming subscription to mimic the video instruction and reads the emails, sent every two weeks, reaches the level of conscious competency and that their patients are responding to the best of their ability, by achieving a better quality of life, with less suffering. With increased subscribers, we will have the videos dubbed into Spanish and other large population languages.

Our Story

Practice opened

Dr. Leonard John Faye Graduated from CMCC in 1960 and practiced in England 14 years, Canada 12 yrs. And Los Angeles 34 yrs. He has a general practice and specializes in Sports and Geriatrics.

New promises

Quality care means individualized treatment plans so that patients can achieve pain relief and a better quality of life

Team grows

Dr. Faye is still presenting seminars worldwide on the subject of clinical application of manual medicine and the S.A.I.D. Principle, necessary for tissue responses and not just pain relief.


Not only will you mimic the video demonstrations but we will send bi-monthly emails to assure you are progressing with the skills but also receive suggestion that support your manual medicine practice.

How to improve your referrals for a broader scope of practice

We offer in-depth video trainings that improve the quality of your patients’ treatments, and also send bimonthly emails.

Pelvic Lumbar and Manipulation

Motion Palpation -Specific Cervical Joint Adjustment

Motion Palpation- Chiropractic Technique Of The Thoracic Region

Introduction To Extremities

Lower Extremities Palpation & Manipulation

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

Master Conclusion

The most effective, drugless, healthcare provider is able to approach patients and their dysfunctions with the ability to answer the five most important questions: when is it possible to help, where, why, how and how often. This is the best instruction available, anywhere and absolutely essential for all “hands on” therapists.

Dr. Colin Wellum
BSc, DC, MSc, FRCCSS(C) Sports Performance Specialist

Ready to Learn?

Dr. Faye explains the ins and outs of Manual Medicine Practice so that your patients "FEEL" the need to comply with your series of visits, needed to get the tissue changes as well as the pain relief.

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