Dr. Leonard Faye is releasing a new book called “Chiropractic Odyssey – A Journey of Practice, Observation and Reading Research.” In anticipation of the release, he has a message for his readers, below.

Dear Doctors and Students,

I just received the preface for my book, written by Jan Hartvigsen DC, PhD. He does not agree with everything I wrote, but that is OK, because the reason I wrote this book is to discuss and reevaluate many of the things commonly believed and practiced in chiropractic. This book will get you challenging your truths and deciding if you have the evidence to support your beliefs and subsequent treatment plans and schedules. It reads like an odyssey novel; however, it is full of valuable references that hopefully the reader will pursue.

So called “chiropractic philosophy” is replaced with a discussion about the philosophy of a drugless practitioner.

Practitioners and students struggling with an identity who are not comfortable in the sea of relativity which we practice in, will really understand the history of why this happens. The solutions to this and many other conflicts are discussed in my book as well. The book opens with the quote:

“Admire the man that seeks the truth,

Beware of the man that has found it.”

For a special pre-publication offer please go to  www.chiropracticmentor.com to click on the green “New Book” button. If you pre-order, you will receive the limited edition of a signed, hardcover, 235-page book for $69.00 with free S&H to anywhere in the world.