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Here are two chiropractors who have nothing but glowing praise for Chiropractic Mentor and his latest book, “A Chiropractic Odyssey – A Journey of Practice, Observation and Reading Research,” which is available now:

Dear Dr. Faye,

I have been in practice for over 35 years and was introduced to your work as a student, working with Dr. Keith Innes. Prior to that, my undergraduate degree was in physical education with an interest in kinesiology. I had come to that after studying architecture, so my background was heavily based in engineering, kinesiology and physics. My studies at CMCC and subsequent work in practice, always left me anxious and disturbed by colleagues who practiced a Palmerian approach and philosophy. I always felt like something of a heretic believing that human/spinal function treatment and therapy could be boiled down to engineering, physics, biochemistry and biomechanics. My focus has been mainly sports medicine and my patients have been high performance athletes who always responded well to this approach. I recently ordered, received and read your book, “Chiropractic Odyssey.” While I may be late in saying it was refreshing to see so many of my own beliefs and findings echoed, I will say that I found it gratifying that I have not been alone all these years. Needless to say, I have found many recent graduates to be brilliant young scientists who will advance our profession, but the combination of academic and manipulative skills is still a rarity.

Regardless, I wanted to send a note thanking you for your work and commitment to your principles over the years. I enjoyed your thoughts immensely.


Another review of Dr. Faye’s book is below:

Really a great job and a personal share of your own journey, health, revelation, achievements, direction, betrayal and trust. At the base of all of it are patient outcomes and the skills of a talented and most special clinician that students need to aspire to becoming. This book “Chiropractic Odyssey,” now at gives our world and discipline a special gift.


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