Our goal at Chiropractic Mentor is to boost your skill level in a variety of manipulations and other chiropractic techniques that will bring your patients the maximum amount of relief and develop your skills as a chiropractor, no matter what your availability or location. By using our videos, you are able to learn at your own pace and from the privacy of your home.

When you subscribe to our program, Dr. Faye’s videos demonstrating and explaining hundreds of skills to you will enable you to confidently expand your chiropractic practice for all patients in need of your services.

To increase the efficacy of these videos, we have created a self-assessment workbook so you can easily track your progress and increase in proficiency for each video’s demonstrated skill or manipulation.

If you have not subscribed to our services yet, the assessment’s structure will allow you to preview the types of videos that are available through a subscription to Chiropractic Mentor. There are literally hundreds of techniques explained in each video, with each palpation, motion, and adjustment in clear and helpful detail for your chiropractic skill development.

Download your free 56-page self-assessment workbook pdf now, or subscribe to Chiropractic Mentor today.

Also, check out Dr. Faye’s new book, Chiropractic Odyssey – A journey of observation, practice and reading science, now available for pre-sale here.