When one becomes a chiropractor—like any other health care professional— they are committing to becoming lifelong students of their practice. There are always new techniques of treatment to be learned, and staying ahead of the curve is how you ensure your ongoing success as a practicing chiropractor. Engaging in chiropractic training at home is one way you can continue your success.

We here at chiropractic mentor want to make sure that you and your practice continue growing in scope and success. We offer specialized training that improves the quality of your patients’ treatments, which can be done through videos from the comfort of your home.

We believe that chiropractic students and doctors should read the literature cited on Google Scholar that concerns learning psychomotor skills. There you will read that repetition and self-assessment are not built into the majority of CE-approved, college programs. Systems are still taught, instead of generic manipulations around the three orthogonal axes of joint biomechanics.

Signing up for a monthly subscription in chiropractic training will keep you up-to-date with all the different methods available to best treat your patients and their various physical ailments. For example, mastering the technique of spinal manipulation is a continuous postgraduate project. 

This subscription is beneficial for chiropractors of all levels of expertise, from beginners just starting out their practice to seasoned practitioners. Our virtual training program offers an oasis of knowledge that will assist you in growing, adapting, and honing your skills as a chiropractor. 

Staying relevant in the chiropractic world will reflect in your work with your patients, who will then recommend you to their friends and families, which will then ultimately boost your credibility. Gaining and sustaining credibility is essential to being as successful as you can in your business. 

To understand the variables and their influence on developing treatment plans for each individual patient, Dr. Faye has published Chiropractic Odyssey— a journey of practice, seminars, observation, and reading science. It is a goldmine of clinical applications of manipulation, soft tissue, anti-inflammation, and rehabilitation. When, where, why, how, and how often do patients need treatments and how to make them feel that it is the right thing for them to do.

The videos and the book will result in you developing a busy, ethical, evidence-influenced practice that other professionals will refer to because of your rational treatment plans and outcomes.

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