Your job as a chiropractor is to help the thousands upon thousands of Americans out there who are afflicted with pain in their musculoskeletal system. This usually looks like helping those experiencing neck, back, and hip pain— and even those who struggle with frequent migraines. As you become a chiropractor and move further along on your journey of chiropractic practice, it’s important that you grow and maintain a sharp skillset when it comes to the mastery of joint manipulation. 

It doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve already completed your chiropractic training— there’s always space for improvement upon your existing abilities. 

You might think, “Well, I don’t have time to always be going out and about away from my practice to take chiropractic classes.” Lucky for you, Chiropractic Mentor is the solution that can accommodate your busy schedule so that you can continue sharpening your chiropractic skills—  whether from the comfort of the office, your home, or even a hotel on vacation. 

Chiropractic Mentor is a fully virtual, online chiropractic training program that offers you full flexibility in your busy schedule to take classes and be fully informed about all aspects of joint manipulation and chiropractic techniques. This program is a valuable mentorship that will ultimately help you become the best chiropractor possible. 

Mastering joint manipulation with home viewing of Dr. Fayes’ renowned online video demonstrations will increase your medically necessary chiropractic visits. Your patients will understand the process of a series of treatments agreed upon with the introduction of the treatment plan. 

Additionally, Chiropractic Mentor is much more affordable and overall accessible than the programs that exist out there today. Why funnel thousands and thousands of dollars on a college chiropractic program that requires in-person attendance when you can hone your skills from the comfort of home? By printing out the 56 free pages at the website you can see what you did not learn at college. They expect you to master the art of manipulation as a postgraduate project. 

We have made it extremely cost effective at $12.95 a month subscription

The eBook, Chiropractic Odyssey discusses the art of an evidence-influenced practice, with many references that support longer, more effective treatment plans. It is at and Amazon worldwide. This year’s best seller is said to be a “goldmine of clinical experience” at an eBook value. You will develop a practice that other professionals will refer to. So many doctors are thanking doctor Faye for saving them from survival mode and giving them the clinical skills to help many more patients.