After completing your chiropractic training, you may think to yourself, “That’s it! I’m done learning. Time to work.”

This mentality is a mistake. Over the many years of my clinical experience, I can tell you that the learning never stops. As hands-on practitioners, chiropractors have to constantly adapt, learn, and grow in their techniques so they can serve their patients with intention and efficacy.

Learning on your own can be incredibly challenging. If you don’t know where to look, you could find questionable advice or techniques and end up worse off than before. That is why mentorship is so crucial. You need an experienced guide who can point you in the right direction and keep your learning attitude alive.

But extra training takes time and money, and mentors don’t grow on trees. If you run your own practice, you don’t always have the resources or energy to pursue professional betterment.

This conflict, then, between needing to receive continuing training from an experienced professional but having no place to get it from, is the source of my affordable business model.

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