We all know sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher or professor gives instruction while other classmates appear not to be truly paying attention can be a distraction. These days, classroom teachings have successfully transferred to the comforts of our homes via streaming technology. There are many ways to get the best chiropractic training and education in the comfort of your home.

As technology progresses forward, online training videos have become more and more advanced with how a student of receives their information. 

With a membership with Chiropractic Mentor, the benefits seem to be endless:

  • The Chiropractic Mentor’s curriculum is self-paced. 
  • The videos can be rewatched over and over again to ensure you learn all the information Dr. Faye teaches.
  • The videos are straightforward and lack those distracting classmates.
  • The programs are guided by a fully licensed, professionally trained, and highly experienced chiropractor.

To continue your training now, with Dr. Faye, the Chiropractic Mentor. If you aren’t sure, contact us today for more information on the benefits of signing up. You can also purchase Dr. Faye’s new bookChiropractic Odyssey – A Journey of Practice, Seminars, Observation, and Reading Science. which deals with the clinical application of manipulation, for outstanding outcomes for patients and doctors.

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